Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Evercade VS is a retro console that turns your living room into an arcade

Image: Evercade

The original Evercade was an extremely niche device. It posited a future where dedicated video game handhelds not only thrived, but even still used cartridges. In a world where there are so many ways to play retro games — subscription services, compilations, emulation — it offered something very different. It didn’t make sense for everyone, but it did its job very well. Now the family has grown with the Evercade VS. If the original was a modern take on the Game Boy, this is its NES counterpart. It’s still niche and aimed at a very specific audience — and still does its job very well.

At its most basic, the Evercade VS is a home console version of the original device. It’s a white plastic box that supports up to four controllers, includes…

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Source The Verge

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