Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Roku’s cheapest streaming box is this $15 Black Friday special for Walmart

Roku LE, or is it SE?
Roku LE, or is it SE? | Image: Roku

Ever since it appeared as the original Netflix streaming box, Roku has delivered internet video via box, stick, or embedded TV software. However, for Black Friday this year, Roku is releasing its cheapest device that I can remember seeing, the $15 Roku LE Streaming Player.

It’s a 1080p-only box that does exactly what you’d expect from a Roku player, but it will only be available from Walmart.com today and in Walmart stores on the 26th. We don’t have detailed specs, but it’s the same box Roku offered last year on Black Friday for $17, which has been selling at Walmart for $30 or so ever since as the Roku SE.

For Roku and Walmart, it doesn’t really matter where this box came from. Walmart gets a cheap…

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Source The Verge

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