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Life at StreamElements: Community Team

Welcome to our workplace blog series where we chat with staff in different departments about their role in the company and what excites them about being here.

Today we are featuring members from our Community team, starting with Chris Cook, our community team lead.

Meet Chris!

Chris Cook

The team I lead is in charge of interacting with our vast community of creators with goals similar to that of SE overall, which includes offering more opportunities for our community members to earn fame and fortune, and to provide our legendary service to those in need.

I believe in the positive power of ‘community’ within the gaming and content creation ecosystems. At the end of the day, gamers and creators like us want to belong. We want to ignite our passions and live out our dreams. We want to be inspired to try new things, create new memories together, and share the results with likeminded people. When it comes down to it: We want to join together to make the world a better place for ourselves and those around us. I’m personally here for ALL of it!

The culture here at StreamElements is one of excitement, enchantment, of empowerment. We’re gamers. We’re personal content creators. We’re supportive teammates (lots of shared GGs in meeting chats!). We love what we do. We legitimately want to help our users and our peers. For those in the digital marketing or gaming/streaming industries, you have to ask yourself — What more could you ask for in a career stop?

Meet Erika aka Aelflaed!

Erika aka Aelflaed

I am one of the community managers and I love being able to interact and celebrate with our community, either by talking to them on our Discord server or by creating special events for them to participate in. Without the people that use and help us improve StreamElements, we wouldn’t be where we are today.

I honestly love my team so much. I have never felt more supported and it is an amazing feeling to feel that not only am I set up for success, but I’m completely able to reach out to my team if I need to.

Meet Bar!


I am a Community Manager and my role is to interact and foster relationships with our users. We are lucky to have a bustling community, where we host many activities and initiatives with our members and keep in touch with them on a daily basis. I think this is the main reason the community team is so important and interesting to be a part of — it’s all about people.

As someone who was new to gaming and streaming when I first started, one of the most exciting things about this job is learning so many new things about this industry. I love the opportunity to work with and getting to know creators from all over the world that are using our tools and to be a part of their content creation journey. I also get to participate in live community hour streams and play some games with the team and other community members which is super fun!

Being a part of a growing company is exciting because you learn so much along the way. I love how the culture at StreamElements is to always ask questions, suggest new ideas, and be creative — it’s the feeling that we are building something great together. I also love that although many of us are working remotely, we manage to stay connected and communicate regularly, and even have virtual happy hours.

Meet Andre aka Eglorian!

Andre aka Eglorian

I’m a Community Manager at StreamElements, and my role is really a big bag of a whole lot of different things! Our team keeps an eye on our Discord, communicates with streamers and content creators who use our tools, maintains our volunteer programs like our SE Champions, Code Gurus and Artists groups, and we have also recently revitalized our staff channel on Twitch. Our mission is to act as a bridge between all the users of StreamElements and StreamElements itself.

I love the interactions that I have on a daily basis with so many different users. We’ve been able to create a connection with many of the content creators who call our community home. Ever since joining the Community Team, I have been able to work on and kick off so many different projects along with my colleagues and that is super satisfying, including putting a lot of the knowledge that I acquired as a content creator myself to good use!

The thing I love most about working at StreamElements is the sense of comradery and the feeling that we are all in sync in terms of how much we care about Content Creators and their livelihoods. Seeing such passion from literally everyone in the company is something that makes me look forward to every day that I get to work here. That and the free StreamElements swag of course.


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