Monday, October 25, 2021

StreamElements Acquires YouTube MCN Paragon to Launch a New Partnership Model for Creators

Today we are announcing our acquisition of Paragon, a gamer-centric YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN) and Digital Media Company that helps digital content creators and creator collectives strengthen their channels and careers. This acquisition marks our first big move after our recent funding round with the focus on leveraging Paragon’s infrastructure to help creators like you make a living doing what you love.

Paragon has a stellar reputation for their partnership offerings spanning content strategy, channel management, rights management, support, and optimization. As it now becomes StreamElements, several new aspects will be added to the program. This includes changing the partnership model by not taking any commissions from UGC, transactional, and standard ad revenue streams which has been standard practice among MCNs. Members will also have scaled sponsorship opportunities and be offered our broadcasting, monetization, and audience engagement technology and support.

Here is what our CEO Gil Hirsch has to say about it:

“One of our goals is to grow our footprint in the Video on Demand space by introducing new features alongside our renowned community support. By making Paragon part of the StreamElements family, we are able to directly help many popular YouTube creators evolve their offerings and increase their audiences even more. This includes not taking a cut of their commissions from standard ad revenue which ties in with our mission of being a creator-first company.”

Paragon has worked with hundreds of creators with its current roster featuring notable influencers such as SypherPK, xNestorio, and Kiingtong, with over one billion views across the network this year so far.

Sebastien Delvaux, Paragon’s founder, adds the following:

“Our goal with Paragon has been to work with creators to build a strong platform with the tools and support needed to strengthen their brands and create captivating content, while providing them with new revenue stream opportunities. StreamElements’ plan is to offer all that we have but supercharge it with their own capabilities and benefits which will make it an even more compelling offering where creators continue to come first.”

Paragon’s talent will join our YouTube creator program for a new and more lucrative partnership structure replacing their previous MCN-styled partnership model. Applying for entry to this program will be open to other creators in the months ahead.

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