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Life at StreamElements: Engineering / R&D

Welcome to our workplace blog series where we chat with staff in different departments about their role in the company and what excites them about being here.

Today we are featuring members from our Engineering and R&D department, starting with our CTO, co-founder, and department head Reem Sherman.

Meet Reem!


The StreamElements R&D group is the enabler for every other aspect of the company. We build tools for creators, which are the heart and soul of StreamElements, and internal tools that allow our team to provide legendary service. We also handle the data that helps analysts, product managers, and creator success agents create more value for our users.

Our culture is based on empowered, self-motivated, hard-working, technology-loving employees. And day-to-day, we work hard for satisfaction, which is different than happiness. You can create short-lasting happiness rather easily; long-lasting satisfaction is more difficult. As a remote-first company, it’s an extra hard challenge, and the culture we cultivate is aimed at helping us do just that.

As Hannibal — the one that rode in a GMC Vandura and not the one with the mask or the one who rode elephants — said: “I love it when a plan comes together.” When everything works well, when we create value for our users, when our employees are satisfied, I’m excited.

Meet Sivan!


I am an Analytics Manager in StreamElement’s data department. Data at StreamElements is crucial for every single decision whether it be analyzing and predicting performance metrics, calculating and visualizing company KPIs, measuring impact of new features, making sure system events are in tip-top shape, and so much more. As a manager, I lead a team of superstar analysts and BI developers, responsible for all company BI needs and to help drive data-oriented culture across all company departments.

Data analytics is a field in constant change and requires staying on top of new technologies, methodologies and expectations on a daily basis — which is Heaven for data-geeks like me! Helping stakeholders make informed, data-based decisions instead of taking shots in the dark, never stops putting a smile on my face.

Everyone at StreamElements is expected to embrace a creator-first culture. For example, this means Twitch chat culture IS pretty much our Slack culture — in all its meme-soaked, emote-filled, rolling-on-the-floor laughing glory. Since we are a remote-first company this helps bridge language and culture gaps, allowing friendships and connections to form across countries and continents in a way I’ve never experienced before.

Meet Nimrod!


I am a Tech Lead in the Sponsorships team with my role involving converting business needs into R&D tasks, working with PMs, Designers and Data engineers, helping and mentoring other developers in the team, and, well, writing and reading a lot of code. This team is building a platform that connects creators with brand campaigns. Running such a campaign is very detail intensive, with reaching out and working with creators being a major part. We are working on exciting new things that will allow us to scale this process and reach even more creators and brands.

People are the most important thing here, be it employees or the creators we’re trying to bring fame and fortune. This also translates to the R&D. Since people will have differing ideas and ways of doing things, we strive to empower engineers to try new things. This comes with responsibility and autonomy, which makes things feel more personal and important. Think something should change? Change it. Think something should be better? Fix it.

We face a lot of interesting challenges spanning technology, scale, communication, people, and time zones, but seeing the impact of our team’s work on creators in real time is exciting. The fact that we can help creators make a living is the reason I joined the company, so it feels great when it comes to fruition.

Meet Jacob!


My current role is tech lead for a brand new squad called Shared Infrastructure. The primary function of this team is to focus on the overall architecture of StreamElements, improve the developer experience, and take full ownership of how we operate as a platform. We are also the most winning SE Golf It championships squad internally and have more than five wins under our belt.

StreamElements is a work-hard, play-hard environment where we have fun while providing value to the end-user. I regularly work with some of the most intelligent people in the industry to solve complex architecture issues and other challenging problems. We are empowered to work with innovative tech and have creative freedom with a less top-down approach to decisions, while our remote lifestyle enables an excellent work-life balance.

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