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9/22 ROH WOMEN’S DIVISION WEDNESDAY RESULTS: Brandi Lauren vs. Laynie Luck

SEPTEMBER 22, 2021

Commentary: Ian Riccaboni, Lenny Leonard, Caprice Coleman

We got a new opening about ROH’s revitalized approach to women’s wrestling. Various women spoke about how they didn’t evolve, they’ve always been here. We are strong. We are athletes. We are passionate. Shots of Maria Kanellis-Bennett, Miranda Alize, Allysin Kay, Nicole Savoy, Chelsea Green, Quinn McKay, Trish Adora, Angelina Love, Marti Belle, Alex Gracia, Willow Nightingale, Rok-C, Mandy Leon, Max The Impaler, and the ROH Women’s Championship belt.

-The commentators checked in from an empty arena. This was officially post-Death Before Dishonor as Riccaboni acknowledged that a new champion has been crowned. Our match this week was a face-off between the two women who were scheduled alternates for the tournament in case of injury.


Lauren was the designated heel, mean-mugging and being put over as self-interested by Leonard. She was in her regular look and gear, not the Undead Bridesmaid that Su Yung recently made her into on Impact television. Lock-up. Back and forth chain wrestling. Lauren gained the edge in the ropes and catapulted Luck into the turnbuckle. Neckbreaker. Lauren pulled off one of Luck’s face stickers and flicked it away. They grappled mid-ring with Luck managing to throw Lauren in a northern lights suplex. Lauren dropkicked Luck off the apron, though. Step-up senton from Luck to get back into the ring. Headscissors from Luck. Running knees in the corner. Death valley driver for a two. Draping neckbreaker from Lauren for two. Lauren sat Luck on the top rope but Luck kicked her away and jumped off into a cutter for the pin.

WINNER: Laynie Luck in 9:12.

(Pageot’s Perspective: Good match. Lauren dominated 90% of the match, which should have tipped off that Luck was winning, but I think this was potentially a misstep. A win for Lauren here could have given her some credibility ahead of taking a loss to Rok-C on TV. I’m not sure where Luck goes from here, unless it’s being fed to Max.

There were no women’s matches on the last two weeks of ROH television and nothing announced for next week so it was good timing to get back to action on YouTube Wednesdays this week. Unfortunately, it was literally just the one match. No words from anyone else in the division regarding how they feel about Rok-C winning the title or where their own personal quests stand now. Two weeks ago ROH tweeted out a video of Shane Taylor finding a crying Trish Adora backstage and offering her a hand. That video got a lot of people buzzing but there’s been no follow-up yet, which remains the most frustrating thing about ROH’s disjointed TV/PPV/YouTube schedule.)

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