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Rustler Review

*Spoiler free review

When it comes to classic games, GTA is probably one of them and Rustler took that classic top down GTA style game and gave it a medieval makeover with a few unexpected surprises. Let’s have a look at Rustler – Grand Theft Horse.

What to expect

When it comes to the looks and feel of Rustler it is clear to see that GTA was the inspiration behind it all and it becomes even more clear when completing quests, getting arrested or even dying, as the music and animation are very similar. Rustler has taken what could’ve been a very dull and boring game and gave it some life with modern, comedic scenes and lines that will often times make you giggle if it doesn’t make you laugh.

Some of these comedic trends can be seen from the initial few minutes of playing where you can hear bards beat boxing, see graffiti on walls, street signs, parking spots for horses, police horses with red and blue lights and so much more. Once you think the comedy has stopped, you will soon see that the comedy only gets better as you progress with weird and funny quests and sometimes very hilarious dialogue.

First Impressions

When I first launched Rustler there were a few things that immediately caught my eye, and number one was the art style. The art style to me feels fresh and doesn’t feel dated and because of this also made the game feel better while not requiring a lot to render. The HUD at the top left looked clean while also displaying a lot of information regarding your health, stamina, money and even weapon selected and also doubles as the weapon scroll wheel when you are switching to show you what weapon is next and what was the weapon before.

One thing that I did find interesting was the amount and variety of weapons in this game and even though you can carry a lot of weapons, there are a few that will require you to chose between them for example the sword and the axe. Each weapon has a different attack speed and will drain a different amount of stamina, so do be careful how and when you use a weapon.

And lastly for me the difficulty setting that I played on was medium and even though I thought it would be pretty easy, it did provide a fair amount of challenge and even had me dying a few times. I really enjoyed this as that means the hardest difficulty will still be of some challenge even for veterans of these types of games and could make it more enjoyable for more people depending on the amount of challenge that you are looking for.


The game itself is centered around Guy, a peasant, that with the help of his friend Buddy, is trying to win the great tournament where the prize is the hand of the princess. This turns out to be all but easy and on your way you will form alliances, lead cows to butchers, pimp out horses (changing their appearance) and even plow the fields.

Rustler will take you on a journey where you steal horses, transport illegal alcohol, take part in MMA fight clubs and so much more and will have you laughing all the way while you do it. The game itself doesn’t have any spoken words, rather a made up gibberish language and dialogue that you will need to read. At some points i did find it hard to read some of the dialogue and play the game especially if you need to run from the police or have a time based event while dialogue is happening.

Rustler doesn’t follow a very linear path, and how you will complete the story will be up to you. If you want to spend your time on side quests, wreaking havoc or just flinging some poop, that is all up to you and how you want to play. While completing side quests and story missions, you will earn gold and unlock more of the map. As soon as you unlock more money, you can also start purchasing more safe houses where you can save your game, eat some food and also buy some weapons if needed.

Basics and Problems

Rustler also offers skill points that you can use to upgrade skills like your health, damage, stamina and more and skill points are collected from completing quests. You also have weapons that you can pick up or buy, but as soon as you die and you don’t load back to the previous checkpoint, you will lose those weapons and will have to either re-buy them or go and pick them up again. If you lose your weapons, you don’t have to worry too much, as weapons always spawn in the same locations and as soon as you know where, you can easily go and find them again if needed.

This to me felt like an easy “cheat” and took away the risk factor of being arrested or dying and when I figured this out made the game feel a lot easier than I would’ve liked it to be. Some quests felt somewhat like a chore to complete especially when you need to travel far, for what seems like no reward, but most quests felt unique and I enjoyed to play most of them.

One thing I really enjoyed about the game is the fact that it removes obstacles that could obstruct your view by means of a circle around you, that makes object transparent that would’ve made it hard to see your character since the game is viewed from a high perspective.

Is it worth it?

For me Rustler is definitely worth the price and if you enjoyed the old classic top down GTA, you will absolutely love this one. The game has taken a game model and redesigned it in such a way that shows their personality, by making great jokes, throwing in some humor in the environment and making quests feel unique and enjoyable to complete while you are doing them.

I enjoyed my quests as Guy and since the first second of the intro movie I have found myself laughing at how ridiculous this game is and even though it is ridiculous and funny, it is a great game and that is nothing to laugh about.

I will give Rustler a 7/10 as it is not perfect, but it is definitely a delight to play and for the price, you will struggle to find another game that will provide you with this much fun, laughter and overall enjoyment as Rustler will.

Game code was provided by TeamFinity | Reviewed by Jacques Snyman

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