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State of the Stream for August 2021

State of the Stream for August 2021: Twitch is on the upturn, Final Fantasy XIV tops WoW, and Apex Legends climbs the charts again

August has been a good month for viewership based on the hours watched on various platforms and games. The following report outlines the latest livestreaming narratives crafted by StreamElements based on data courtesy of our friends at

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Twitch is on the upturn and Facebook Gaming hits a new milestone

While Twitch dipped in viewership in June and July, they got a nice boost in August with 1.9B hours watched. This also represents a 27% year-over-year increase. Meanwhile, Facebook Gaming has experienced non-stop growth after a small drop in March. Since then they have set a new milestone month-after-month with the latest peak in August of 567M hours watched and a whopping 64% year-over-year increase.

The biggest impact on the top 10 games chart was the launch of Apex Legends: Emergence

In contrast to July, more games went up than down on the Twitch top 10 list with none making a bigger splash than Apex Legends. The launch of Apex Legends: Emergence resulted in a 103% increase in hours watched as it rose from 42M to 86M. Helping its ascent were some of the top names in streaming, such as NICKMERCS, iiTzTimmy, Tfue, XQcOW, and TimTheTatman.

Do games make the streamer or do streamers make the game? Two MMOs might answer that question

World of Warcraft has been the dominating MMO on Twitch with millions of more hours watched month-over-month this year than its rivals. Yet like a rocket, Final Fantasy XIV managed to close the gap in June and July until finally surpassing WoW in August with a 4% lead in terms of hours watched.

There are a number of factors involved in its growth, such as Square Enix making FF more accessible to new users, but it’s clear one streamer made a significant impact. When WoW star Asmongold switched over to FF, he was responsible for over 4 million of the hours watched. If he hadn’t opted to play the game, WoW would’ve been ahead on the chart. And when he took a break from streaming during the first week of September, WoW climbed ahead again.

Based on looking at the hours watched of other MMOs still in beta, New World (which is out this month), Lost Ark, Ashes of Creation, Starbase, and Elyon are among those that hit solid numbers. The only question that remains is which top streamers are going to propel them up the charts when they officially launch.

xQcOW is back on top

Asmongold had incredible viewership in July as the most popular destination for viewers of World of Warcraft which helped him to unseat the champ xQcOW as top streamer. In August, Asmongold slowed down his streaming schedule and xQc has returned to the #1 spot as one of Twitch’s all-time chart leaders.

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