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Life at StreamElements: The Creator Success Department

Life at StreamElements: The Creator Success Department

This is the start of our new workplace blog series where we will be talking to staff in different departments about their role in the company and what it is like working here. And yes, our staff will frequently reference our mission of helping creators achieve fame and fortune. It’s kind of a mantra around here. That and hyping our legendary service.

For this profile we will be speaking with members from our Creator Success department, starting with our department head Or Perry.

Meet Or!


As part of our management team, I lead all of the “first of its kind” efforts the company embarks on, such as new service offerings and products, content platforms, and regions. In addition, I oversee the Creator Success department which is focused on ensuring the creators we work with have the best tools, service, and support. It’s my passion to help creators achieve fame and fortune since it’s what I did as a hobby before co-founding StreamElements and it’s what I do now.

As a gamer, I like that our staff talks about and play games together across departments and roles since it really helps bring people together in this WFH environment. It’s also great to have people on staff who are new to gaming and streaming to provide fresh perspectives on the work we are doing.

Another part of our culture that I love is the honest workplace we are cultivating — we encourage people to feel free to talk candidly about everything they’re seeing in the market and in the company. This makes people feel heard and ensures our decision process does not exist in a bubble.

The thing that excites me the most are those gratifying moments when creators acknowledge how our legendary service helped them with their career.

Meet Carlos!


I’m a Creator Success Manager which is both incredibly unique and challenging! The department as a whole is responsible for the direct relationship between StreamElements and both the large and small creators who use our tools. My role specifically is to help deliver legendary service to our creators through hands on 1:1 service with our tools and activating sponsored campaigns with them from some incredible brands.

There is much that excites me about this job from being able to work remote to forging relationships with creators and brands…there is truly never a dull moment! I also have never worked at a more diverse and welcoming company. At every level of the organization, there are people from every background and representation across the globe. The culture is unique and the memes are even better.

The clay is truly still wet here, so to speak, and knowing that the future of the company can and will be shaped by those from all levels of our growing organization is exciting.

Meet Taylor!


I am a Creator Success Manager and my role is deploying sponsorships to streamers for various campaigns, as well as being an account manager for their SE accounts! I’ve been doing a lot of performance campaigns, but this month I’m starting on brand awareness campaigns. I’m super excited about that!

I have given a lot of streamers their very first sponsorship, and that is such a rewarding feeling. Also getting to know them and what inspired their journey to start streaming is a great way to connect. As a streamer myself, there is a different level of trust and they know I will make sure everything is perfect for them, because I know what it is like on the other side.

Being my first remote job, I was afraid I would feel alone, but that is definitely not the case. There is so much communication, and my team even has its own game nights to get to know each other better and hangout. Not only is it a great platform, but it’s an awesome place to work with a sense of togetherness and helpfulness.

Meet Sergei!


I am a Senior Creator Success Manager and a part of my responsibility is to make sure creators are optimized to achieve fame and fortune while they are working on creating content. This includes taking care of everything from the tech stuff to the campaigns and sponsorships.

I love meeting and working with new creators to ensure they are getting the best out of StreamElements and able to fully focus on creating content. The best part is bringing the creators additional revenue and getting appreciation messages. Sometimes they even share what they got with the money which really puts a smile on my face.

It’s awesome that StreamElements is really focused on teamwork and helping each other to become better and success-oriented for our creators.

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