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Roccat Kone Pro Air Wireless Mouse Review

When it comes to picking a great quality gaming mouse there seems to be a plethora of options to consider from design all the way down to how much it weighs, but it seems Roccat has made your choice easy with the Kone Pro Air.

The Kone Pro Air has everything you might need in a mouse, it is wireless with both Bluetooth and Wifi connectivity as well as the fact that you can use it wireless makes it easy to connect to any device in any way you want. The mouse is also lightweight and doesn’t have a lot of RGB or aggressive edges making it easy to use with any setup.

What’s in the box?

The mouse sells for around $130 US, placing this mouse on a high mid-tier price range for wireless mouses and in the same ball park as most higher end brands. In the box you do have the mouse, a 1.8m (6 foot) long type C cable, a manual and a USB dongle. I have to just add that the Kone Pro (wired) also comes with replaceable feet while the Kone Pro Air doesn’t.

Image of the Roccat Kone Pro Air RGB tips. The Picture shows the hexagonal shapes that can be seen when the RGB is on.


When it comes to design the mouse is a very plain looking mouse with changeable RGB on the tips of the mouse and nowhere else, but the tips feature a hexagonal design to add some esthetic to the mouse. The mouse also has a compartment at the bottom to store the dongle when you are not using it or when you are traveling which will help you not to lose it.


On the spec side of things, the Kone Pro Air weighs only 75 grams, making it perfect for people looking for a lightweight mouse for whatever reason and even though this mouse weighs almost nothing it has 100 hours plus battery life so no need to compromise on either wight or battery life.

The owl eye sensor allows up to 19 000 DPI, the titan switches has a life cycle of about a million clicks, you have 5 mouse buttons and the mouse also offers on board memory which you can use to store up to 5 profiles and if you really need more profiles, you can easily store more locally on your PC.

Not perfect

One thing that this mouse lacked was a DPI switch on the mouse which makes it hard to switch between DPI settings. What this means is that you will need to pull up the software anytime you want to make a changes or save your DPI settings to different profiles since the mouse has a profile switch button at the bottom. Even though this isn’t ideal, you could easily have 5 different types of settings on each profile that you can then switch through via that button.

The buttons all feel great, the feet make it easy to slide across almost any surface and the versatility of using the mouse either in Bluetooth or with the 2.4GHz dongle makes it great for any setup. Since the mouse doesn’t have aggressive lines and doesn’t look like a typical gaming mouse, it can blend in more with any type of setup easily whether it is a gaming or working setup.


In games and in general use the mouse performed extremely well regardless of the connection being used. The mouse felt equally responsive when used in Bluetooth, Wifi or wired modes and I didn’t feel that I had any significant performance loss in any mode. The cable that is included is also very flexible making it easy to use when the mouse is plugged in and charging, where more stiff cables tend to bend and obstruct movement.

Pros and Cons

As far as cons are concerned I really don’t have a lot of cons apart from the lack of DPI button and the price as this mouse is more towards the expensive side but with the features it has it kinda makes sense. On the pro side there are definitely a lot and my main pros have to be the battery life, the connection types, the owl eye sensor and finally the ability to save profiles to the mouse itself making it easy to travel with and use on different setups if that is your thing or for those cases where your PC fries and you need a new one.

Who is this mouse for?

This mouse has quite a few people that it could be great for and firstly it has to be for people looking for a great wireless mouse regardless of the connection type. Secondly, this mouse is for someone that is looking for a clean looking mouse with not a lot of RGB to fit into either a work setup or gaming setup. And thirdly, it is for someone that is looking for a lightweight mouse for their setup and it helps that this mouse has an insane battery life.

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Mouse was provided by Apex Interactive | Reviewed by Jacques Snyman

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