Super Nintendo World Temporarily Closes Amid COVID Outbreak

Universal Studios Japan, which houses the new Super Nintendo World attraction, has announced it is temporarily closing starting on April 25 due to a state of emergency in the Osaka region caused by the COVID pandemic. The theme park has not announced when it plans to reopen, only that it will remain closed until the emergency order is lifted.

The announcement apologizes for the inconvenience to anyone who made plans to visit the park, and says that instructions for those who have already purchased tickets will be detailed soon.

Japan has seen a sharp increase in COVID cases since early March, going from a 7-day average of new cases of roughly 1,000 to a current 7-day average of 4,500, according to JHU data. It hasn’t yet reached the all-time peak of almost 6,500 cases that occurred in January, but officials are taking steps to mitigate further spread.

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Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga and ministers met on Wednesday before deciding to declare a state of emergency in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Hyogo, The Star Tribune reports. The Osaka region, where Universal Studios Japan is located, has been the hardest hit.

The Nintendo-themed park is a major new attraction for Universal, offering Mario Kart-themed rides, Mushroom Kingdom decor, and even a Bowser Jr. boss battle. Attendees can use special arm bands to track their achievements at the park, which can then link up with their Nintendo Switch system. Universal is planning to open a similar attraction at Universal Studios Florida in 2025.

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