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Josh Alexander On His Time In IMPACT: “I Would Be Happy To Stay Here For My Entire Career”

IMPACT Wrestling star Josh Alexander recently spoke with Steel Chair Magazine to hype up this Sunday’s Rebellion pay per view, where the Walking Weapon will be taking on Ace Austin and TJP in a triple-threat for the prestigious X-Division championship. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says he would be happy to finish his career out in IMPACT Wrestling:

I would. I look at it as a home. I’m a competitive person. In high school, I was very like a team player. I look at this locker room like we’re all on the same team, it’s a family. Impact’s been very beyond good to me in this whole three years. I came in and within 3 months, I was Tag Team Champion, then I had the longest reign. They gave me the only thing I ever requested when I got signed, I just wanted an opportunity and then, if I make the best of it, that’s on me and they just keep lobbing me up some opportunities, so I would be happy to stay here for my entire career.

How he got the moniker the “Walking Weapon”:

I asked Ethan Page on a road trip in 2012 or something like that. I said, ‘Hey man, I need a moniker or something. You’re All Ego, you have this character, like what am I?’ He’s like, ‘You don’t need a character, you are your character, you come to the ring, you kick-ass, people like you for that. I have to do all this other stuff to be liked because I can’t do what you do,’ and I was like okay. He’s like, ‘But that’s your character, you’re highly trained, you’re the most physical wrestler, you never get blown up, you’re super strong, all this other stuff, you can do everything.’ Well, he’s like, ‘You’re the Jason Bourne of wrestling, you’re a Walking Weapon.’ And I was like, there it is.

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