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RVD Says He Has No Interest In Wrestling Except For Business: “I’m Not Hungry To Be In The Ring”

WWE Hall of Famer and ECW legend Rob Van Dam recently spoke with to discuss all things pro-wrestling, including how he has no desire to return to in-ring action unless the business is good. Highlights from the interview can be found below.

Says he has no interest in joining AEW unless business brings him there:

I just always go with the flow of the universe. I’m always very happy with the way things turn out. AEW, I watch it sometimes, mostly to help Katie Forbes out. She’ll watch it, she’s up-and-coming, learning and I’ll point stuff out. There is nothing that interests me about going there, except for business.

How only business will bring him back to wrestling:

There is nothing that makes me want to wrestle, except for business. Where a fan thinks maybe I would watch TV and dream of getting in the ring with someone, as if that’s my fantasy. That’s not really the way life works, at least not for me. It’s likely that I could be done now (wrestling) and not know it. I’d be totally fine (on never getting back in the ring), then the non-wrestling RVD would reap the rewards that come from the universe from reaching this stage. I don’t miss it like the other wrestlers. I’m not hungry to be in the ring.

On Shane McMahon doing the Van Daminator:

I was told that Paul Heyman showed Shane-O a video of me doing the Van Terminator and asked him, do you think you can do this? And totally gave it to him. I can’t remember who told me that though, it might have been Paul himself. I can’t imagine who else would tell me that. That’s how that happened. After a while I quit caring, but that was way later. Now, I’m like whatever.

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