Once a standard Lexus IS 350 F…

Lexus IS 350 F Sport Twitch concept

Wild, I tell you, wild.


Gaming and Lexus collided in a big way with this IS 350 F Sport. Yes, you are looking at a real interior. Lexus on Thursday showed off what it calls the “Gamers’ IS,” complete with hefty input from the Twitch community. After months of design and feature polls, regarding everything from the exterior vinyl wrap to the beverages in the cup holders, this is what the luxury brand and gamers created together.

Lexus IS 350 F Sport Twitch concept

The real wonder is inside the car.


The outside features a wrap titled “Infiltrate,” which draws inspiration from first-person gaming, specifically shooters. The “technical, interface-driven” look is also supposed to recall a head-up display gamers see while playing a first-person shooter. It’s neat and all, and I appreciate the creativity that went into it, but the real marvel is what Lexus did inside this IS 350.

Lexus IS 350 F Sport Twitch concept

I’m also getting some big Outrun vibes here.


The interior includes a “Neon Tokyo” style the majority of gamers voted for with a “neuron-exploding Japanese pop art aesthetic,” as Lexus describes it. The ceiling even features backlit “raindrops” that are controlled entirely via RGB LED lights. It’s not a gaming rig without the RGB aesthetics, after all. Occupants can also program LED panels in the rear to create a virtual backdrop, and when it’s time to boot a game up, smart windows automatically tint to create proper gaming lighting.

Pop the trunk and it reveals a full gaming PC, complete with a fog machine and RGB lasers. Back inside, the passenger’s seat features a massive curved monitor to play from either the PC, or a cabin-installed gaming system. The seat itself features haptic feedback for gamers and Lexus included a one-off 3D-printed game controller.

If you’re wondering why the hell Lexus went to all this trouble, it’s part of the brand’s latest “All In” marketing campaign, which looks to engage various passions and take them further than imaginable.

Source CNET

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