Thursday, September 23, 2021


Valentine’s Day is coming up, and we wanted the first holiday of 2021 to be a heart-filled, swagalicious occasion!

Because we know you love your communities and they love you back, there’s no better way to express it than with NEW, LIMITED EDITION MERCH! We’ve created some awesome customizable Valentine’s Day-inspired bundles, as well as holiday alerts, panels for your profile, and — oh yeah — it’s raining hearts in your shop! Aww!

If you haven’t created an SE.Merch store for your channel yet, it’s about time!! Get to it and let your community rock your awesome personalized gear while you earn some big box of chocolate cash to celebrate the occasion. Our merch store services are 100% free to launch and feature tools such as alerts, chatbots, widgets, and banners, all of which can be seamlessly added into your channel.

Your V-Day Swag

Our Valentine’s merch is all about warm & cuddly vibes. Your audience can choose from a 2-mug bundle, a 2-T-shirt bundle, or a mug-and-blanky bundle — all with lovey-dovey designs that you can customize with your channel name or any other text you want.

This limited time promotional merch will be available until March 1, 2021.

Boost Sales With Our Chatbot

Once you’ve created your bundles, promote them with our powerful Chatbot. In a single click, we will generate a !valentine’s chat command and timer that will link viewers directly to your lovely new bundles.

V-Day Panels

Our profile banners are your most powerful promotional tool for merch, which is why we created some gorgeous Twitch profile panel designs for you to choose from, each featuring your personalized bundle designs.

Just download your favorite designs, add them to your Twitch profile, and link them to your bundles!

Don’t make this swag heart to find (see what we did there?), so remember to promote your awesome new merch on other social media channels too.

Merch Alerts

Celebrate merch sales in real time with live, customizable shout-outs directly in your stream, highlighting community members who are supporting you by purchasing your merch. We created a special design just for Valentine’s.

To add it to your overlay:

  • Copy the alert URL from the Merch engagement tab
  • Paste it into your OBS as a new browser source
  • ❤️

If you are already using a previous merch alert, be sure to disable it first.

It’s raining hearts and… more hearts!

Better open up your ‘brellas coz the weatherman called for love-showers in your Merch shop! You’re welcome.

Not feeling it? You can easily toggle off the effect in your SE.Merch store settings.

You can access all of these new features in the “Engagement Tab” of your SE.Merch dashboard. Play around, add your bundles, put on your fave romantic comedy.

Valentine’s due date: February 15th, 2021.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Hot Stuff! 🥰

The StreamElements Team

Questions? Comments? Feedback? We would love to hear what you think of our new features!

Reach out to us on Twitter or join our Discord and let us know!

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