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RVD Talks Protecting The Wrestling Business, How Smoking Weed Gives Him Clarity

ECW legend Rob Van Dam recently spoke with WrestleZone to discuss a variety of topics, including his old school values and how smoking weed helps give him clarity. Highlights can be found below.

How smoking weed gives him more clarity and the benefits of CBD:

“If you don’t normally smoke anything and then you smoke, say a bowl or joint or whatever of the CBD, if you don’t normally smoke something, you probably definitely are going to get a head change. It’s rare that you’re not going to feel anything, but it’s different. For me, I feel like it’s more clarity. It’s more of an elevated perception than it is being high and so there’s these different effects and like I said, you just kind of got to experiment. That’s a great way to just see what CBD will do. It’s got zero THC in it, and so if you really just want to get that in your body and see how it reacts then I guess I would say just try some CBD flour. A lot of people that smoke marijuana smoke because they want to relieve stress. For the people that want to do that, but they can’t because they get tested at their job and if they have THC, they will get fired or suspended or whatever, reprimanded. For those people, this stuff has been really good. I’ve talked to quite a few people that have smoked the CBD flour and they love it for that reason. It doesn’t show up on their test and they really like the way that it makes them feel and it helps them with their stress, anxieties,” he said. “I had a girl tell me that it helped me with their menstrual cycle regularity. Yeah, it’s really like amazing stuff and it’s still experimental so even though people feel like they’re completely lost about it, the whole world is just learning.”

How the perception of protecting the business has changed:

“I’m old school and it’s so different. It used to be about protecting the business. That was the number one rule now it’s not like it’s even on the top ten, you know? And so I’m not gonna fight it, but to me, I point out especially about [where] it would be better because of course I do because my values are old school, you know what I mean? But yeah, it’s all about balance.”

Blending reality into wrestling storylines:

“It always has to move with the times and the ages and has to evolve and so in order to entertain an adult crowd that thinks like adults I think that you have to have a lot of realism in there so they can relate to it and they’re gonna know about real shit anyways. It’s been all over the Internet.”

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