Profiles in Diversity: Teknikalx

Welcome to Profiles in Diversity, our blog series featuring interviews with the recipients of our Creator Diversity Fund. This week’s Q&A session is with Teknikalx, a fun and engaging creator you can find streaming on Twitch.

Q. When did you get involved in livestreaming and who were your inspirations?

Teknikalx: I watched streams for years, but I never took the plunge until Fall 2018 when I decided to give it a go since I was financially in a position to set everything up. I then started watching streams with the sole purpose of learning and drew inspiration and knowledge from SenseiCJ, DeejayKnight, LavangFan, Dr. Lupo, KMagic101, KingGothalion, Professor Broman, TimTheTatman, Ninja, Saurus, SaltEMike and a few others. I could name them all but I wanted to just give you a few that inspired me and their communities helped me get started. I decided in February 2019 to stream and the game I picked was Apex Legends as it had just came out and I was in love with it from the start. It’s been a ride ever since.

Q. What type of content can viewers of your channel expect?

A. I love to blend everything together and am super passionate about content creation, so in my channel you’ll get what we call Tek Talks. This is where I provide information about streaming — what I’ve learned, what trends I see, what I think can help others grow their channels, and to also keep myself grounded by sharing how I feel about a multitude of topics with my chat. I blend my love for sports, wrestling, and energy into a package that I feel brings people together through gaming which we all love. Expect to have a great time, to chat about everything. We pride ourselves on being inclusive not exclusive and no matter what walk of life you’re from, you’re welcome in the Celebration.

Q. What have been some of the challenges you’ve faced as a streamer?

A. Staying the course. It’s hard to be someone who soaks up and curates knowledge. I am strong in my beliefs and convictions, but learned that although the data in front of me may be valid, there can be other elements I didn’t see and thus I can make mistakes. Being a part of the streaming sphere is understanding this and having people around you who believe in you and will talk to you to give you the chance to correct.

It’s human nature to think about certain things when you work hard but knowing that your community and chat isn’t for everyone is the hardest challenge to overcome. Self-reflection is a big challenge as a streamer, but those who can be honest and true yet have quality people in their corner will overcome this hurdle. That was a huge challenge for me and I finally feel as though I have that around me and it wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own to see the things that I needed to see in myself to be better.

Q. What are some memorable experiences you’ve had on stream?

A. Funniest thing was me playing a scary game and it scared me so much that I literally knocked my camera, dropped my controller, spilled my drink on my desk and moved almost everything that was upright to a different position. It was a mess but the chat loved it. Regardless of what happened to me, they loved it so that was important even at my expense. As for the most moving thing, that was being noticed by Dr. Lupo and having his community come on through to show love and make my day. That is someone I look up to and is one of the core reasons I started streaming.

Q. What is the art on your channel inspired by?

A. To be honest my channel art was something I threw together through a commission. It never was me but it was something that I needed at the time. My ideal art style is retro/pixel art with a futuristic technological style. That is what I love and that represents me. The main thing that I have to have is my Polar Bear. Why? It’s my favorite animal and if you read this you’re welcome to come into my chat and ask why it’s so special to me. I just find them fascinating and enjoy everything about them. It is why we are called the Celebration.

Q. Anything you want to add?

A. I want to just say Thank you to StreamElements. To everyone I met on Mixer that helped me grow a lot and were there for me when I needed them. I want to thank my amazing mods and friends: Didimao, BellaTrix, KatesElegy, Shiftcase, JustRichard, Keffka & Azraellius. Special shoutout to my community and leaders within PushPlayTheDJ, TrollGaming, SpacemanVick, OpticMeSenpai, ThripleDM, MortalFury, & Luhneigh. Without these people right here right now I don’t know where I’d be. Thank you so much and I could go on and name so many more people. If you see this just know I appreciate you truly and thank you for being not only part of the journey I’m on but in my life. Thank you.


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