Personalize Your Merch With a Logo Maker

Your community wants to show you some love by owning your merch, but what content creator has time to design a badass logo? Or spare cash to pay some designer to create one for you? Or maybe you want a new logo every couple of months? Or maybe you want your merch to say something else, like a catchphrase, or your cat’s name, or… whatever.

We busy bees at SE.Merch ask ourselves all of these questions and have come up with the perfect solution: A LOGO MAKER!! Yes, by using our new Logo Maker feature that is loaded with awesome fonts, colors, and layouts, you have everything you need to create a funky new look for your merch in mere minutes! YAY!! And it’s conveniently located right in your store’s dashboard.
This, of course, means you are now officially out of excuses for not having merch. Sorry, not sorry. 🤪

Your Very Own Swag, You Rockstar!

Creating your logo with our awesome logo maker takes only minutes, and you can choose from an array of:
– Merch types
– Awesome fonts
– Logo placements
– Preset designs
– Colors and more

So, if you don’t yet have an SE.Merch store, now’s the perfect time to sign into your account and start creating swag and making bank! Your audience will be jazzed to rock your merch, and their support allows you to earn $$$ on every item sold. It’s a win-win for everyone!

We want to see what crazy designs you all come up with too! Send us pics of your merch and we may feature it on our IG or Twitter accounts. Reach out to us on Twitter or join our Discord and talk to us.

Enjoy creating!
The SE Team

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