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1/19 IMPACT WRESTLING TV REPORT: Hard to Kill fallout, Swann confronts Moose, and Private Party appears


Commentators: Matt Striker, D-Lo Brown

-A recap video of highlights from Hard to Kill aired.

-Clips from last Saturday of Kenny Omega, The Good Brothers, and Don Callis in the dressing room after their match played. Omega and The Good Brothers left to go to the hotel. Callis stayed in the room and addressed the camera.  He said he was planning what’s next and that he and Omega would be on hiatus from Impact for awhile.  He said they are leaving to take care of business in Jacksonville, but that they will be back.

-The opening video for Impact played.

(1) ERIC YOUNG (w/Joe Doering & Deaner) vs. RHINO (w/Cousin Jake)

Rhino got the early advantage.  Eric kicked Rhino low behind the referee’s back to gain the advantage.  Eric missed an elbow off the ropes, leading to a Rhino comeback.  Deaner got in the ring to cause a distraction.  Doering tripped Rhino and ran his leg into the post.  Eric put Rhino in a leg lock for the submission.  Eric kept the hold on after the bell.  Eric put Rhino’s leg in a chair and Doering stomped on it.  Deaner held Jake back.  Young’s team walked up the ramp triumphantly.

WINNER: Eric Young in 4:00.

D.L.’s Analysis:  This just wasn’t long enough to really get going.  The match served as an angle to advance the feud between these two factions.

-D-Lo and Striker appeared on camera for the first time and discussed the Hard to Kill PPV.

-A clip from after the main event from Saturday aired.  Gia Miller was interviewed Rich Swann backstage when Moose walked up.  Moose attacked Swann and threw him into a door.  Moose kneeled over Swann and said he kept his promise of being Swann’s greatest teammate, but now he was going to take his title.

-Rich Swann said he would give Moose a chance to prove he was the real champion tonight. [c]

-Acey Romero and John E. Bravo approached Tommy Dreamer backstage.  Acey presented the Ring Rust cologne that he found in the Knockouts locker room.  Acey said there was only one person who had fingerprints on the cologne and on the gun.

-Karl Anderson and Doc Gallows walked to the ring.  They bragged about teaming with Kenny Omega to win their match on Saturday.  Gallows vowed to keep the tag team belts as long as they wanted.  They gave the “too sweet” hand gesture.  Chris Sabin’s music played and he walked to the stage.  He said the tag belts belong to him and Alex Shelley and that they wanted a rematch.  Gallows said Sabin didn’t have a partner since Shelley was not there.  Sabin said he did have a partner and “Cowboy” James Storm walked to the stage.

Sabin and Storm entered the ring.  Storm ran down his accomplishments and said it was time for The Good Brothers to put up or shut up.  He was interrupted by Matt Hardy and Private Party.  They walked down the stage.  Matt said Private Party had the chance to be the second greatest tag team ever (behind the Hardy Brothers).  He talked about their upcoming six-man match on Dynamite tomorrow, but said they needed a warm-up match tonight.  Storm said it was a private conversation, not a private party.

Hardy bragged about saving Impact Wrestling from going bankrupt in 2016 and that they should thank him for having a job.  Hardy said Private Party should get a title shot tonight and talked about the Hardys being stripped of the belts in a stupid teleportation angle.  The Good Brothers agreed that if Private Party could beat Sabin and Storm, they could get an Impact tag team title shot.  Hardy said that Private Party had to win by any means necessary.  Striker raved about the “Mid-Week Wars” before pitching to an interview.

D.L.’s Analysis: This is a good idea for a few reasons.  It gives Impact star power, gives a boost to their tag division, and gives Private Party more experience with a different variety of opponents.

-Gia Miller interviewed Matt Cardona.  Cardona said he was in Impact to make the most of an opportunity.  He said he was here to prove him and his fans right. [c]

-A video package of the Knockouts Tag Team Title tournament aired.

-Backstage, Kiera Hogan and Tasha Steelz tried to talk Kaleb and Tenille Dashwood into going to “Fire N Flava Fest”.  Johnny Swinger approached Hogan and Steelz and they were grossed out by him.  Fallah Bahh approached and talked about who had the money roll.  Brian Myers stepped off an elevator and said he didn’t want to go to some stupid party.  Myers faced off with Bahh, who said he would see him in the ring.

(2) KIMBER LEE & SUSAN (w/Deonna Purrazzo) vs. JORDYNNE GRACE & JAZZ

Jazz got the early advantage over Susan (who wrestled in her suit and athletic shoes).  Grace tagged in and threw Susan out of the ring.  Lee pulled Grace off Susan and knocked her down. [c]

Back in the ring, Susan had the advantage over Grace.  Grace tried to battle out of the corner but she got double teamed.  Grace finally made the tag to Jazz.  Jazz and Grace took over on Susan.  Jazz DDT’d Susan, put Lee broke up the pin attempt.  Deonna hit Jazz in the head with the title belt and Susan pinned her for the win.

WINNER: Kimber Lee & Susan in 11:00.

-Gia Miller interviewed Taya Valkyrie backstage.  Gia asked what is next for Taya.  Taya was interrupted by John E. Bravo.  He said she sprayed Larry D. with the Ring Rust cologne to make him shoot Bravo.  Dreamer and Acey approached and said they found her fingerprints on the gun and cologne.  Taya laughed and admitted it was her.  She did it because she didn’t want Rosemary to marry him.  She said her only regret was that he didn’t die.  She screamed as the police dragged her off.  Dreamer speculated about if she was going to Jacksonville State Prison or Stamford Maximum Penitentiary for two years with an option for three, which is enough to change any man’s soul.  Acey said he hopes she doesn’t go to Baltimore. Rosemary approached Taya.  Taya said she was just trying to protect Rosemary.  She said her greatest accomplishment was having Rosemary as a friend and having her in her corner.  They cried and hugged, then the police took Taya away.  Crazzy Steve approached Rosemary.  She said that’s why they don’t have friends; it never works out. [c]

D.L.’s Analysis:  This finally ended the Who Shot John E. Bravo saga. I guess?  This looks to be the end of Taya in Impact.  The references to AEW, WWE, and ROH were funny.

-AEW paid advertisement.  Tony Schiavone pitched to Tony Khan who was with Jerry Lynn.  They talked about Private Party, showed highlights, and promoted tomorrow’s matches on Dynamite.  Khan said he asked Matt Hardy to come to the show.  He said he couldn’t out-carny Impact Wrestling, but Matt Hardy could because he is the biggest carny in wrestling.  Khan pulled out cash and said he would pay for this week’s ad and next week’s.  The camera pulled back to show they were on the Impact interview set.  He and Lynn left to go watch the match.

-Rich Swann walked to the ring for an interview.  He said he thrives on the pressure.  He said his team left their hearts in the match at Hard to Kill.  He admitted he had trust issues with Moose in the match.  He said he wasn’t sure if the issue was done with Omega.  He called out Moose to settle their issue once and for all.

Moose walked out and entered the ring.  He laid down the TNA belt.  He said Swann was angry and people make bad decisions when they are angry.  Swann wanted a match tonight, but Moose said he would decide when because they were on his time.  Swann punched him.  Moose grabbed him by the throat and threw him in the corner, but Swann fought back and ripped off Moose’s jacket.  Moose missed a charge.  Swann landed his splash off the top and Moose rolled out of the ring.

-Rohit Raju entered Scott D’Amore’s office.  TJP entered holding the X Division title.  Rohit argued that TJP and Manik are the same person.  D’Amore agreed.  He granted Rohit a match against TJP in two weeks.  Rohit was glad and walked out.  D’Amore revealed that it would be a non-title match.  He and TJP laughed. [c]

-Kiera and Tasha asked Alisa Edwards to emcee the Fire N Flava Fest.  Referee Brandon Tolle walked in and they tried to sell him a package to the Fest.  Havoc and Nevaeh approached and said they would take the platinum package.  Kiera and Tasha said it was sold out and so were the other packages.  Kiera and Tasha said Havoc and Nevaeh could watch at home and they walked off.


Fallah controlled the early action.  He got a flying crossbody block for a two count.  Myers caught Bahh with a boot.  Bahh got a belly-to-belly suplex for a two count.  Myers came back and ran Bahh into the ropes.  Bahh made a comeback but Myers was able to kick out of a pin attempt.  Myers got a low blow, then came out of the corner with a clothesline for the win.

WINNER: Brian Myers in 5:00.

-Gia Miller interviewed Ace Austin with Madman Fulton.  Ace called Hard to Kill a tragedy because he was just on the countdown panel and not in a match.  He complained about Matt Cardona facing him.  He said Cardona was “always ready”—for sitting in catering.  Josh Alexander interrupted and said he would give Ace a lesson; nothing is given, it’s earned.  Fulton attacked Alexander from behind and Ace started punching him.  Cardona ran in for the save.  [c]

-A video package with highlights of Eddie Edwards vs. Sami Callihan from Hard to Kill aired.

-A doctor was checking on Eddie Edwards backstage.  Brian Myers came in complaining about an injury.  Myers said Edwards was basically just a back yard wrestler.  Edwards challenged him to a match.

-Matt Striker and D-Lo Brown ran down the matches for next week:

  • Matt Cardona & Josh Alexander vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton
  • Joe Doering vs. Cousin Jake
  • Tenille Dashwood vs. Rosemary
  • Fire N Flava Fest

(4) CHRIS SABIN & JAMES STORM vs. PRIVATE PARTY (Isiah Kassidy & Marq Quen w/Matt Hardy)

After the ring introductions, they went to commercial.  Back from the break, the match was joined in progress.  Kassidy and Sabin exchanged moves.  Private Party got in some quick double team moves on Sabin.  Storm tagged in and got the advantage on Quen.  Private Party made a comeback on Storm with double team moves, including a kick to the head that sent him to the floor.  Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn walked out and took seats at ringside behind the rail.  [c]

Back from the break, Kassidy had the advantage on Storm.  Party continued to tag in and out.  Kassidy choked Storm in the corner as Quen caused a distraction.  Party continued with double team moves.  Storm finally made the tag and landed a crossbody on Quen and Kassidy.  Sabin took on both of them by himself.  All four wrestlers were in the ring.  Quen dropkicked Sabin out of the ring.  Sabin battled back and he and Storm double teamed Quen.

All four wrestlers exchanged moves in the ring.  Hardy yelled instructions at ringside.  Quen landed a dive over the top rope onto Storm on the floor.  Jerry Lynn held Sabin’s leg while he was on the top rope.  Private Party took advantage of the distraction to hit Gin and Juice for the win.

WINNERS: Private Party in 16:00 to become the number one contenders to the Impact Tag Team Titles.

-After the match, Khan and Lynn celebrated at ringside.  The Good Brothers music played and they walked to the ring.  They faced off with Private Party.  Storm slugged Anderson.  Sabin, Private Party, and Gallows fought in the other corner as the show went off the air.

D.L.’s Analysis: Fun match, but it was mostly there to simply advance the AEW vs. Impact feud

FINAL THOUGHTS:  A very talk heavy edition of Impact.  It was nice to switch up the format, but hopefully this isn’t a weekly change.  The show served mostly as a reset after Hard to Kill.  There were several newsworthy moments, including the appearance of Matt Hardy, Private Party, and James Storm, the apparent departure of Taya Valkyrie, advancement in the Swann/Moose feud, and putting the spotlight on Kiera & Tasha.  A fun show despite the lack of in-ring action.

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