Asus’ latte dispenses movies instead of coffee and milk

Asus announced its new ZenBeam Latte at CES 2021 today, and it’s kind of cute. It’s a mobile movie projector that looks like a one-eyed, fabric-covered mini-robot of sorts. Importantly, it fires out its 720p image using up to 300 lumens of LED light, making it brighter than capsule projectors we’ve seen from the likes of Anker, and it has an integrated 10W Harman Kardon-tuned speaker system to boot.

Weirdly, Asus insists that its projector looks like a coffee cup.

Image: Asus
The ZenBeam Latte projector.

It does not. It’s not the right shape (just watch the video!), and why would a “homey” coffee cup (Asus’ word) be gray instead of a glorious brown? Asus also claims it is “the first projector to offer a fabric…

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Source The Verge

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