Profiles in Diversity: Goofywise

Welcome to Profiles in Diversity, our blog series featuring weekly interviews with the recipients of our Creator Diversity Fund. Today’s spotlight QA is with Goofywise (whose Twitch channel is GoofywiseTV).

Q. How did you first get involved in livestreaming?

Goofywise: I started live streaming not long after I quit playing collegiate basketball. Gaming has always been something that I’ve been extremely passionate about and having the opportunity to share all of those laughs and fun moments with an audience began to take my love and passion for gaming to the next level. The fist game I streamed was Fortnite Battle Royale. I was quickly swept up in the hype surrounding the game and began playing it the day it dropped. Like many gamers, it opened the door for me to start streaming consistently.

Q. What makes type of content can viewers expect to find on your channel?

My Livestream is unique because with GoofyWise and the Goof Troop you have a wide variety of content. I really take on the terms goofy and wise and make content that surrounds each word respectively. Some days you will see me goofing around in some online lobby cracking jokes and having the occasional slip up and on other days I know how to lock in and clutch up the win! Not to mention I have 1 stream per week dedicated to mindfulness where we do yoga and mediation as a community and have talks/watch informative videos about wellness and anything that offers enlightenment.

Q. What inspired the art on your channel?

It’s inspired by my brand and my twitch name “GoofyWise” which represents two crucial parts of my personality. It’s also inspired by some of the things I love such as anime and the Disney classic Goofy Movie.

Q. What have been some of the challenges you’ve faced as a streamer?

Early in my career I struggled with being myself as a gamer. I felt as if many of my friends and family saw streaming as a step in the wrong direction. I had tried to shed my former athlete persona, but for some reason that’s all they could cling to. They never shied away from telling me “gaming isn’t a real job” or that it was “immature” to indulge in my passion and that instead I should stick to what I was already known for. Early in my career this weighed heavily on me mentally and emotionally. However, throughout my journey I have learned to ignore those who doubt me and I am quick to remind myself that whether they believe in me or not all that matters is that I believe in myself. In the beginning it was hard to be myself because I didn’t know who I was or what I was capable of but now that I know, I plan on chasing my dreams no matter who stands by my side.

More recently, I almost lost my life towards the beginning of 2020 to a heart condition called a pericardial effusion. I had to have emergency heart surgery due to an infection that formed around the sac-like tissue that holds my heart. This was at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic which just added extra stress to the entire situation. All in all it left me more humbled and served as a reminder to never take a moment for granted!!

Q. What is the most memorable experience you’ve had on stream?

If you would have asked me this question a few days ago I probably would have had a difficult time picking out a specific moment because I have had so many funny and moving moments throughout my time on Twitch. However, I recently did a birthday stream and that was the most moving experience I’ve ever had on Twitch. The amount of love and support I received in the form of raids, subscribers, views, and presents, and simply birthday wishes, from not only my community but other new viewers who had just discovered my stream was absolutely mind blowing. There were so many thoughtful messages, handwritten notes, and heartfelt comments made to me from people. Several people expressed that I played a part in helping and or inspiring them in some way in their personal life and that was the most rewarding feeling I have ever felt. While I don’t consider myself a very emotional person I definitely had emotional moments during that stream. I feel as though I have gained so much more than achieving my dream of being a full time content creator through streaming. I have gained a community that I have come to call my family.

Q. Anything you want to add?

First and foremost I want to say thank you to StreamElements for this opportunity for me and my co-grant winners. I think it is of great importance that people continue to highlight diversity in this world and give people like us a chance to have our voices heard and our talent acknowledged. I am eager to see how we all will grow and learn from this experience! Also, having the opportunity to have my stream graphics hand crafted by a team of experts is something I am eternally grateful for. Being a new full time streamer I do not always have the money to afford certain things for my stream, and certainly not at the expert level. This opportunity has allowed me to enhance my stream to a level of quality that I feel matches that of professional streamers and thus will only help me excel in my streaming career. Having the opportunity to receive graphics like this reminds me of how I lost 100 pounds and gained so much more confidence within myself. I have come to realize that the better I feel the better I tend to perform which is crucial in a performance based career field like streaming. Furthermore, the overall appearance of my new stream graphics will without a doubt draw more people into my streams.


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