It’s Time to Get Toasty with Minky Blankets!

StreamElements is making Winter warm again by adding Minky Blankets as a product offering for SE.Merch store users. These soft blankets are 50×60 inches so they’re the perfect size if you’re bundling up on a couch, in front of your computer, or need something to hide under because you’ve gone too long without a haircut. Because they are made of Anti-pill Fleece, you also don’t have to worry about the fabric’s surface getting abrasive.

Our Minky Blankets are currently available in white, allow for single side printing, and you can set the pricing to as low as $30. To add them to your SE.Merch store, follow these simple steps:

  • Click the Create new item icon, and select “Minky Blanket” or the new item banner in your SE.Merch dashboard.
  • Upload a design (if you already have a merch store, your existing design will work), click the “Design” tab to place it on the Minky Blanket. You can then preview the design to ensure it slaps. Don’t forget to hit “Save” and “Publish.” Because these blankets have a large surface, be sure to have a 4600×5600 png file and upload it when creating a new item. We will automatically fit it to the blanket.
  • Spotlight the new Minky Blanket for your viewers! Once added, don’t forget to promote and celebrate the new item with your community since creating hype is an important part of generating sales.

Some other ways to help increase sales:

  • You can add a new chat command and timer via the promote tab on your merch dashboard.
  • Create a merch panel: Over 85% of our selling stores used our panel generator. SE.Merch generates a banner for your Twitch profile using your design.
  • Use your stream title to let your viewers know about new items. For example: “Unboxing new !merch”

If you don’t have a SE.Merch store yet, then check out this post which details setting one up and all the benefits and tools associated with our free-to-launch virtual storefront.

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