Report: Possible Hostage Situation at Ubisoft Montreal

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Ubisoft Hostage SituationUbisoft Hostage Situation

Update: Police confirm the evactuation

Video emerges with tweets saying that hostage situation was a false alert and the employees are exiting.

Social Media is ablaze with pictures and videos of a heavy police presence on the streets surrounding Ubisoft Montreal office. Video has emerged of several dozen employees who have barricaded themselves on the roof from the unknown assailant(s). It assumed this is some sort of hostage situation but no official word has come from police other than they are operating in the area and are asking people to keep the streets clear.

The company has been in remote working mode for some time due to covid restrictions. One employee reacted on twitter and confirmed they were on a remote meeting when the employees in the office were quickly ushered away.

We will keep you posted with any further developments.

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