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AEW Dynamite Live Results and Match Card 11/11/2020

AEW Dynamite Live ResultsAEW Dynamite Live Results

Fresh of the action packed FULL GEAR Pay Per View, AEW Dynamite is set to be an explosive event. If you missed any of the action on Saturday night you can read our full live results article here. If you cant watch tonight, the TableOC team will keep you up to date here with live match results just below tonight’s match card.

Tonight’s AEW Dynamite Card

AEW Dynamite Match Card
Tay Conti vs. Red Velvet
Rey Fenix vs. Penta El Zero
Natural Nightmares vs. Butcher and the Blade in a Bunkhouse Match
Scorpio Sky vs. Shawn Spears
Brian Cage vs. Matt Sydal
Announced Card for 11/11/20
  • Kenny Omega will speak
  • MJF and Wardlow’s induction into Inner Circle
  • Cody Rhodes first promo since losing the TNT Title to Darby Allin
  • AEW World Tag Team Champions Young Bucks to be featured

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AEW Dynamite Live Results

We kick off Dynamite with Taz introducing his man Bryan Cage and calling out Darby Allen who is watching from the rafters. Taz will join the announce team for this 1 on 1 bout.

Match 1 – Matt Sydal vs Brian Cage

Cage immediately gains the advantage as Sydal’s quickness is no match for the power of Cage. Ricky Starks is ring side to add insult to injury as Sydal is man handled around the ring. Cage shows off his raw power by bicep curling the high flying Sydal. Things start to shift as Sydal uses his quickness and momentum to catch cage in a power bomb followed by a meteora on the ramp.

Sydal goes to work on cages leg and manages to get a near fall leg hooked suplex. Sydal stays ahead of cage by countering several holds and kicks but eventually the quickness of the Machine catches up to him with a thunder clothesline. Eventually the power is too much as Cage catches Sydal in mid air and hits him with the drill claw finisher. Starks hops on the mic to let everyone know that team FTW is coming for the TNT Championship.

Cody Rhodes Addresses the Crowd

Cody Rhodes makes his way to the ring to address the AEW fans for the first time since losing his TNT Championship. He congratulates Darby Allen on his win and lets us know he will not seek a rematch. Cody lets us know would like a match with MJF who he has a loss that he would like to avenge. He is joined in the ring by Jade Cargill. She attacks Cody on his stature and threatens him with awakening a giant. She then lets us know Shaq is the giant Cody should be worried about. That is right Shaquille O’neal.

Brandy then comes to rescue and layeth the verbal smack down on Cargill. Meanwhile Cage and Starks come into the ring and assault Rhodes who is then rescued by his former nemesis Darby Allen.

Match 2 – Bunkhouse Match – Butcher and Blade vs. Natural Nightmare

Butcher and Blade barely have a chance to get in the ring before the Natural Nightmares attack. Dustin starts the match off right by butting Butcher through a steel chair on the outside. It doesn’t take long either before Blade busts a guitar over Qt Marshall’s head. Action makes its way into the ring where B&B get Dustin in a precarious situation as Ally handcuffs him to the turnbuckle. They then go to work on a bleeding QT as they go to commercial.

A has made its way into a corner of the ring as B&B continue to punish Marshal with chairs and Singapore Sticks. Dustin has managed to break free of the hand cuffs as he was knocked roughly to the floor. Once he regains his composure he gives the boys a double flip, flop and fly. He and the butcher fight their way up onto a side stair well where Dustin gives him a Bulldog off the stairs through a section of stage. Back in the ring QT and Blade both bleeding from the face go at it with trash can lids and fists. QT climbs an 8 foot ladder and drops a flying elbow on to the Blade but it will not be enough for a 3 count. There is blood everywhere in the ring.

Dustin and Butcher reappear and Dustin hits a sort of Destroyer on the Butcher only to be hit hard by the blade wielding a steel chain. The Duo then hit their Tag finisher through 2 chairs on Rhodes but QT breaks up the pinfall with a steel trashcan lid. QT hits blade into the ropes and knocks bunny though a table then a Diamond Cutter on Blade for the 3 count. I hope they brought an extra ring canvas because Blade is bleeding much like Dustin Rhodes did at Double or Nothing over a year go.

Matt hardy has some words for Sammy about their hard fought match and tells him not to squander the gift he has given him.

MJF Inner Circle Induction Ceremony

Jericho comes to the podium and introduces the “OG IC” as the inner circle make their way to the ring. Sammy is nowhere to be see and Jericho is a bit distraught. He then introduces Wardlow and MJF as they come to the ring. MJF has tears in his eyes as he starts to give his induction speech. He pulls some poetry he has written from his pocket and he believes Proud and Powerful will dig it.

Jericho addresses the anger by the other members and says they WILL make it work. MJF then announces they are celebrating Jericho’s B

Jericho addresses the anger by the other members and says they WILL make it work. MJF then announces they are celebrating Jericho’s B-Day. The confetti and balloons don’t make it to the ring as the wind storm going on outside sends them flying away. MJF then gifts Le Champion a trip to Vegas for the Inner Circle. Expenses on him of course.

Alex Marvez catches up with the Bucks of Youth outside their locker room and asks them whats next. Nick says the obvious about an eventual rematch. Matt says they are looking for new opponents. He then calls out a new Team called Top Flight to come take on the new Top Guys in AEW.

Match 3 – Scorpio Sky vs. Shawn Spears

Spears comes to the ring accompanied by Tully Blanchard and is looking ready for a fight. Scorpio Sky then Joins his opponent and we are underway. The match starts with both men throwing hard elbows and fists. It doesn’t take long for the action to make its way to the outside where Sky bites spears on the head. Back into the ring Spears catches Sky sleeping climbing to the top and launches him from the ropes. Back to the outside Spears is man handling Sky and eventually has to return him to the ring as the ref wont allow them to stay outside. The assault continues as Sky cant seem to escape the pounding.

Eventually though the momentum changes and Sky is able to knock Spears out of the ring and comes over the top rope and has him staggered. Back outside and onto the steel stairs Spears drops Sky back first onto the diamond plated death trap. he rolls Sky back inside where Sky snatches him into a Sharpshooter. Spears manages to get to the rope where he finds a hiding steel slug left by Tully for him. One shot from that and its lights out for Sky.

Alex Marvez catches up with Kenny Omega in the parking lot as he is leaving. Kenny has a chip on his shoulder as he wants his #1 spot back. He is now ready to resume his role, his responsibility as the Best in the World. he taunts Mox and asks him what will happen when he has to face him in a real wrestling match with rules.

Match 4 – Tay Conti vs. Red Velvet

The women lock and have to be immediately separated in the corner by referee Aubrey Edwards. Velvet takes control momentarily with a leg lariat followed by a standing shooting star press. It doesn’t take long though for Conti to snatch the momentum and get a near fall. Conti goes to work on the neck and shoulder of Velvet puts her into a full nelson hold and maneuvers her into a fisherman’s suplex.

Back from the commercial velvet has taken control and hits Conti with a bulldog followed by double knees to the back and a stunner. Near fall off the the stunner for Velvet. Both women drop each other with double roundhouse kicks. Anna jay tried to slide a chair in to Conti but she refuses and Velvet gets the near fall but Conti hits a pump kick to the face and into a release suplex knee to the face and gets the cover for the win.

Back stage Sammy accosts MJF and Inner Circle saying that MJF told him to meet at the beach. MJF though seemed very upset that it happened as he had sent a follow up email.

Eddie Kingston addresses the crowd and says he will never quit and will be world champion. He then introduces the Lucha bros for their main event rematch.

AEW Dynamite MAIN EVENT – Rey Fenix vs. Penta El Zero Meido

Eddie Kingston joins the commentary team as the Lucha bros get to the ring. This match starts fast with brothers exchanging fast counters and big kicks. These men obviously know each other so well that they can almost sense what the other will do. Fenix seems to gain the upper hand with a large drop kick. Penta snatches him into a standing clover leaf and then he tears at the mask of his brother almost exposing his face.

Penta continues his onslaught outside the ring with a thunderous chop that takes Fenix of his feet. He then whips him into that steel barricade. Back into the ring he hits his little brother with a back breaker and then continues to tear at the mask. He then goes to work on the knee and tries for an unsuccessful cover. Fenix escapes the package pile driver and slowly starts to battle back. Spikerana off the second rope and into a cutter for a 2 count.

Fenix is now ripping the mask from his older brother and now the men are head butting each other. This match has definitely turned personal. Eddie Kingston on commentary says he simply has pointed out to each brother how they may have wronged each other. He seems to be responsible for this animosity. Outside the ring Fenix comes over the top rope with a tornado press. Back inside the ring a top rope Senton atomico for a two count by Fenix. Penta hits a package pile driver on the apron of the ring and follows up with a destroyer off the ring to the floor. Instead of going for a cover he hits a second package pile driver and the win.

Kingston enters the ring an pushes Fenix out of the ring. He tells Penta he doesn’t need his brother. Pac’s music hits and the Bastard is back and he goes after Kingston the refs empty the back to keep these two men apart. Next week Pac will face Blade!

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