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Full Gear is set to be an explosive contest as we see the culmination of the #1 Contenders Elimination Tournament, All titles defended including the NWA World’s Women Championship. We will also see a rematch between Matt Hardy and Sammy in an Elite Deletion Match. Last but not least the Demo God faces MJF for entry into the Inner Circle.

Show Coverage Starts at 8pm EST. We will keep you up to date on all matches as they finish here and if you want live play by play discuss the show LIVE with our resident Pro Wrestler TigheFighterX1 @

About TigheFighterX1 also known as Chris Tighe is an ex-independent professional wrestler as well as booking for various promotions. His knowledge of the business comes from being in the business for 15+ years as well as being a fan for 25 years. Hope you enjoy the show tonight!

Match Card for Full Gear

1“Hangman” Adam Page vs. Kenny OmegaAEW World Championship Eliminator Tournament final match
Winner receives a future AEW World Championship match.
2Cody Rhodes (c) (with Arn Anderson) vs. Darby AllinSingles match for the AEW TNT Championship
3FTR (Cash Wheeler and Dax Harwood) (c) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt Jackson and Nick Jackson)Tag team match for the AEW World Tag Team Championship
If The Young Bucks lose, they will never challenge for the AEW World Tag Team Championship again.
Tully Blanchard is banned from ringside.
4Jon Moxley (c) vs. Eddie Kingston“I quit” match for the AEW World Championship
5Matt Hardy vs. Sammy GuevaraThe Elite Deletion match
6Hikaru Shida (c) vs. Nyla Rose (with Vickie Guerrero)Singles match for the AEW Women’s World Championship
7Chris Jericho vs. MJF (with Wardlow)Singles match
If MJF wins, he is allowed to join The Inner Circle.
8Orange Cassidy vs. John SilverSingles match
9Serena Deeb (c) vs. Allysin KaySingles match for the NWA World Women’s Championship
Source Wikipedia

Match 1: The Buy In – NWA Womens World Champion Serena Deeb vs. Allysin Kay

This match between two veteran women wrestlers starts out with great mat and chain wrestling. The match quickly turned personal though as the 2 took to smacking each other across the face.

The former champion Kay takes control of the match using her size and strength advantage to get the edge. Every time Deeb starts to gain momentum Kay buries her with a slam.  The Champion starts to make a come back with back to back neck breakers but is quickly put back down by Kay. Deeb manages to escape the AK47 finisher by Kay and maneuvers her way into the serenity lock where Kay taps out.

As soon as the match is finished the former Champion Thunderosa comes out to challenge Deeb to win back her lost title. We look forward to that match for sure.

Match 1: Full Gear – Kenny Omega vs. Hangman Adam Page #1 Contender Match

Omega makes his way to the ring looking very confident and to a very loud welcome by the crowd. Hangman wastes no time making his way to the ring and looking very focused.

Hangman refuses Kenny’s handshake and they waste no time as the action picks up quickly. It doesn’t take long for Kenny to get over confident and for Page to capitalize with a BIG boot.Action heads to the top rope and Page suplex Omega to the center of the ring but Kenny smartly gets to the outside. The men battle back and forth on the outside but Kenny gains the advantage with a moonsalt off the railing. 

Back inside the men slow the match down but not for long as page gets knocked to the outside and falls prey to the Rise of the Terminator. Omega shows some tenderness in his right knee as he makes his way into the ring and goes for the pin.Hangman gains the advantage and is about to go for the buckshot lariat and gets buried by a Vtrigger knee strike. Page hits Omega on the ramp with a pop up power bomb rolls him back in and hits him with a second.

Omega hits Hangman with a Tiger driver 98 followed by a missed Vtrigger and gets caught and hit with the Signature Dead eye by Page. It won’t be enough though as Kenny kicks out. Kenny turns things around with a through the ropes dragon screw followed up by several V triggers and a One winged angel to end the match. Winner and new #1 contender  Kenny Omega.

Match 2: Orange Cassidy vs John “4” Silver

Silver starts the match incensed as Cassidy puts his hands into his pockets much to the delight of the crowd. He then hits Silver a series of tap kicks. Silver knocks Cassidy to ground and rips the pockets out of his pants. He then shows off his muscles to the booing crowd. 

Action picks up as Cassidy runs the ropes and builds momentum only to be squashed by Silver who again shows off for the crowd. The men exchange heavy Irish whips and Cassidy eventually comes off the top for a big cross body. 

Silver pulls Cassidy off the top rope with a single handed gorilla press. Cassidy hits a michanoku driver do slow things back down. 

Cassidy hits a stun dog millionaire and goes for Orange punch only to be kicked in the face by Silver followed by a spinning release suplex. Cassidy battles back and hits an orange punch followed by a shoulder back to belly pile driver or the Beach Break to get the pin. Winner Orange Cassidy!

Match 3: TNT Championship – Darby Allen vs Cody Rhodes (C)

Cody Rhodes presents the championship to referee Mike Chioda and this match gets underway.  Darby looks focused and hungry. He is not impressed or intimidated by Cody’s show of strength. Cody is showing off by flexing, doing cart wheels and taunting Darby. As soon as Allen gets some momentum Cody rolls to the outside for some wisdom by Arn Anderson.

Cody begins to muscle Darby around the ring and eventually throws him over the ropes onto the ramp. Allen in pain makes his way back into the ring.  Cody is putting a ton of pressure on Allen and forces him to use rope breaks to escape his constant advances. Cody shows off with push-ups much to the shagrin of his coach Arnold.

Cody takes Darby up top and hits him with an avalanche arm breaker to keep working on that injured left arm. He follows up with a moonsalt to know where as Darby gets out of the way. He hits Cody with a destroyer but it won’t be enough for a pin. 

Cody resorts to biting the left arm of Allen and hits hit with an unbelievable avalanche crossrhodes followed by a pin attempt thwarted by the proximity of the ropes. Cody takes Darby up top again and falls back off the ropes throwing both men to the ground. 

Darby battles back with a stunner followed by a coffin drop only to be kicked out at by Rhodes. The men exchange rollups and Darby Allen pulls out a miracle and pins Cody. Winner  AND NEW TNT CHAMPION Darby Allen!

Following the match Taz distracts the wrestlers only to have Brian Cage and Ricky Stark attack Rhodes and Allen from behind. Cage carries Allen into the crowd only to be assaulted by Cody. Darby ends up thrown into a piece of the set and then attempt to slam his injured arm in a car door but Will Hobbes runs them off with a steel chair.

Match 4: Nyla Rose vs Hikaru Shida for the AEW Women’s Championship

The champ starts things off quick and has Nyla on the ropes right off the bat. Shida does a number on Nylas leg and hits her with a running knee on the outside. She now has a steel chair set up and manages to flying knee Nyla through the barrier. 

While the referee is checking on Rose Vickie Guerrero hits Shida. Nyla capitalizes and uses the ring frame to stretch and slam Shidas knee. Back in the ring Nyla is in full control and repeatedly slams the champion. Shida manages to kick out multiple times showing a lot of moxy. Rose is attacking the legs of Shida, even biting the knee.  Nyla misses a senton and Shida missle drops kick her in the back and keeps the pressure on with a suplex. Nyla battles back using that injured knee of Shida to her advantage. She hangs her over the ropes and diving knee to the back of Shidas injured leg. The assault continues. 

Missle drop kick off the top by the champ to go for the cover. It fails and Rose clothesline her followed by a power bomb. Shida hits an avalanche falcon arrow only to pick Rose up at 2. Vickie once again gets involved and ends up knocked to the ground by Shida.  Back inside a falcon arrow is good for 2 but Nyla kicks out. Several knee strikes to the face later Shida escapes as Champion. Winner Hikaru Shida ©.

Match 5: Young Bucks vs FTR (C) AEW Tag Team Championship Match

These Teams clearly do not like each other. The tension is high. Matt will start the match against Cash. Wheeler immediately goes after that ankle that was injured in the last 2 weeks leading up to this match. Matt is having no part and quickly gets away. Both teams face off in the center of the ring but eventually return to their corners.

Dax and Nick will be the men to move the match forward. Nick wastes no time and immediately applies pressure to FTR. The bucks go on tandem offense and are working Cash in their corner. 

It doesn’t take long however for FTR to work their tag team magic and move the offense to their corner. Nick and Matt clear the ring and take a chance to regroup. Matt on the outside gets Harwood to punch the ring post. Back inside Matt stomps a mud hole into Dax and goes after that bleeding broken hand of Harwood.

FTR battles back after a missed moonsalt and gets Matt on the outside. Cash tags in as Dax gets the hand worked on by the doctor. He makes his way back into the match and goes to work on Matt’s ankle. FTR works Matt into the corner and keep him separated from his brother. Matt sends Dax head first into the post but Nick can’t tag in as he is busy on the outside with Cash. 

Cash tags in and misses a dive on the outside and goes face first into the barricade. Matt tags in Nick finally and he goes after both Members of FTR with reckless abandon.  FTR won’t take it for long though as they take control back. Matt and Nick tag and Matt tries for a buckle bomb and it proves too much for that injured leg. FTR takes back control with a top rope assisted bulldog followed by a spear of Nick to the outside.

The bucks hit a 3d followed by a Swanton Bomb but it is not enough to put Dax away.  Matt hits a superior into Dax hand as both injured men go down and start looking for tags. Matt has Cash in a sharpshooter in the center of the ring. He eventually must let go as his ankle gives out. 

The match seeming ends with a BTE trigger but Cash saves the day by diving into the pin. Nick gets powerbombed into the time keepers are and FTR hits the mind breaker on Matt but he manages a rope break during the pin. They continue the assault on Matt’s knee. Nick makes his way back and hits a 450 to break up and ankle lock submission attempt. Cash super kicks Nick to the outside and tags in to become the legal man. 

Cash misses a springboard 450 and Matt gets the pin and become the NEW AEW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!

Match 6: Elite Deletion Match – Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

Live From the Hardy compound Sammy rolls up in a golf cart only to be chased down by Matt Hardy in a monster truck. Matt quickly smashes Sammy into the trees surrounding his home. The match makes its way onto the front lawn and Sammy is taunting Matt saying this is his home now.

Sammy tries to drown Matt in the fountain where Matt finds a weapon in the scepter of Mephistafales. Finally they find their way to a ring that is set up in the yard of the Hardy compound. Hardy hits him with a side effect in the ring and goes to bring a a table into the ring. He powerbombs Sammy through the table but Ortiz and Santana show up to break up the part. The camera cuts to private party in a car headed to save the day from the inner circle assault. 

Sammy hits Matt with a twist of fate and climbs to the top rope only to have private party come to Hardys aid. Meanwhile Matt shoots Roman candles into the ring at Sammy and proud and powerful. Sammy fights back with some fireworks of his own. In the ring P&P and Private Party have a full on tag team match. 

Sammy makes his way into a mud puddle to try to not catch fire and goes to throw Sammy into the lake of reincarnation only to be stopped by Gangrel who is holding Hurricane Helms hostage. Sammy throws Hurricane into the lake of reincarnation….twice. This match is almost to weird to try to explain. Back at the ring Matt and Sammy continue to battle outside as the tag teams and Hurricane and Gangrel battle inside. 

Sammy follows Hardy through the woods and into the dome of deletion. The doors have closed and Sammy is alone with Hardy inside. Sammy uses a turnbuckle hook to beat Hardy. He then chokes him with the rope. He lays him on a table and climbs to the top of a ladder. Dives through Matt and the table but can’t get the pin. Matt hits a twist of fate on the shattered table. Then slams Sammy though tables waiting on the outside. 

Matt hits Sammy with a chair to the face much like was done to him a few months ago. He then does the unthinkable and hits the bleeding Sammy over the back of the head with that chair and gets the pin. Private party carries Sammy away in a trash can. Reby plays a tune as Senor Benjamin drives Sammy away.

Match 7: MJF vs. Chris Jericho for entry into The Inner Circle

MJF comes to the ring in a light up robe mocking Jericho. The crowd boos louder than they have all night for his antics. It doesn’t take long for their tune to change as Jericho Judas hits. He makes his way to the ring enjoying the fans continuing to sing his song even after it ends. Chants of Y2J hit the air. 

The bell rings and we are underway. MJF draws boos as he quiets the crowd. MJF continually wastes advantages to gloat and show off. On the outside Jericho grabs a camera and gives MJF the finger. Jericho hits the Judas effect against a steel pole and is now at a disadvantage with a hurt arm. Back in the ring MJF gets leveled with a big back body drop. He regains control by biting the hand of Jericho. 

He continues to stomp on Jericho and and beat him about the head and choke him in the corner. Jericho battles back with an eye poke. Followed by a double sledge off the top and a lion salt. He takes mjf up top hammers home some fits and nails a Frankensteiner. Jericho takes him back up top and it backfires as MJF knocks him down and hits him with a stomp. 

The two men start to exchange blows and elbows. Jericho begins to rain thunderous choos onto MJF but he wrestles Jericho to the ground and gets him into the salt of the earth but Jericho reverses and ends up in the Walls of Jericho. He makes it to the ropes but Jericho begins to celebrate. Mjf hits a code break and a heat seeker on Le Champion but can’t get the fall. Jericho hits his own code breaker for a 2 count. MJF catches the judas effect into the Salt of the earth Fujiwara arm bar. Jericho struggles to the rope for a break. 

Wardlow comes to the ring and gives Jericho a ring to hit Jericho with but Jericho is tossed a bat by Jake Hager. MJF plays possum and makes the red think Jericho cheated. He rolls up Jericho for the win and entry into the Inner Circle. The men shake hands and Jericho hugs MJF and welcomes he and Wardlow into the Inner Circle.


Mox says his prayers in his corner and waits for his turn to be introduced. Kingston paces like a rabid dog. Mox turns the title over to the ref and we are underway. The men go at it with haymakers. Kingston bites at the ear of Mox. Now both men exchange chops.

The chops turn back to punches and kicks and ends up on the outside. Moxley dives through the rope and then throws a chair to the face of Eddie Kingston. Mox breaks the fingers of Kingston after launching him into the barricade. They continue to beat each other through out the arena and into steel barricades and concrete. 

Kingston drives Mox into the ring post head first then goes looking under the ring for more chairs and tosses them into the ring. Mox has found a barbwire bat and hits Kingston twice in the stomach and back. He then uses it as a blindfold across Eddie’s face. He is cut open and bleeding mox.misses with the bat and Eddie hits a drop suplex on the champ. He then launches a chair at him that lands across the face. 

Kingston pulls barbwire from the bat and wraps it around his hand. He is punching and dragging it across the face of Moxley. He then snatches Moxley into a Kimora lock. Mox bites his leg to get away. Kingston sets up a chair but it back fires and mox suplexes him across the chair.  Kingston makes his way out and finds a bag of tacs under the ring. He spreads them in the corner. 

Kingston belly to belly suplexes Molly into those tacs but does not quit. Kingston finds a bottle of alcohol from the medical area and is planning on pouring it in Moxleys wounds. A few low blows later he does just that all over those tac wounds. He grabs a handful of tacs and hits moxley in the fave with them. Into a bulldog choke on Mox in the center of the ring. 

Mox reverses and pile drives then paradigm shifts Kingston in the center of the ring. Mox grabs the strand of barbed wire and wraps it around his arm and goes back into the bulldog choke. Eddie Kingston quits. WINNER AND STILL CHAMPION JOHN MOXLEY.

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