GoXLR vs GoXLR mini – What is the difference and which one to buy in 2020?

With the release of the GoXLR mini on the 25th of November 2019, and the subsequent GoXLR price increase to $500, we must ask. Is it still worth it to buy the GoXLR or should you rather spend your money on the new GoXLR mini? Well today we are going to be looking at the differences between the GoXLR and the GoXLR mini. So that you can decide whether or not the GoXLR mini can work for you or if you should rather save a bit more for the GoXLR.

Lets start with the obvious changes Tc Helicon has made, with the biggest being the size. The GoXLR mini measures in at 5.5 inches while the GoXLR measured at 11 inches making the GoXLR mini exactly half the width of the original while maintaining the same depth and height as the original GoXLR, now with this reduction in size they have had to remove a few of the functions like the sampler and of course the voice changer. But less features aren’t the only changes.

Other less obvious changes include the removal of the customizable screens above the faders, the relocation of the headphone and microphone jack to the front of the mixer and the absence of any power adapter as the GoXLR mini is bus powered (Powered by the USB cable)

There is one more change and it is not obvious at all, in fact you will never be able to see it, it is the removal of the motors on the faders. Meaning that the faders on the GoXLR mini won’t be able to move on their own and you will have to manually move them with your hand.

 Now this isn’t a big deal as I have always moved the faders with my hand as opening the software to go to the specific fader and move it with my mouse takes way longer than actually reaching and changing it myself and of course just because they don’t move doesn’t mean you can’t control the volume from within the app.

You can still control the volume from within the app and the only difference is, rather than the faders moving, the LED’s will move up and down and once you move the fader past the LED, they will lock together again and move alongside each other as if nothing has changed.

Now with all the changes covered is anything the same?

Yes. Everything inside the GoXLR mini is exactly the same as what you get within the GoXLR. They have the same pre-amp, meaning you will get the same exact audio quality with a smaller mixer at a fraction of the price. Making it perfect for new streamers or content creators, as well as people who don’t need the sampler or the voice changer.

So if you are starting out with podcasting or streaming and you don’t have the money to spend on the GoXLR, rather than buying a cheaper mixer from another brand such as Behringer or Yamaha. Spend the $249 on the GoXLR mini and save up to upgrade to the GoXLR if you ever feel it is necessary. They are much easier to set up and they offer you the best possible audio for your content and the best part is you don’t even need to understand how audio works.

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